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Pinoytechnet.com/upload is file hosting service, cloud storage service, online file storage provider, or cyberlocker is an internet hosting service specifically designed to host user files. It allows users to upload files that could be accessed over the internet after a user name and password or other authentication is provided..
Up to 100Mb Per File, What is Uploading? Uploading is the transmission of a file from one computer system to another, usually larger computer system. From a network users point-of-view, to upload a file is to send it to another computer that is set up to receive it. People who share images with others on bulletin board services BBS upload files to the BBS.
Upped files will be deleted automatically after -1 days. You file that you upload in our is secure and safe, you can store on our site forever and you can download your files too. You can delete your files also using the delete link provided after you upload a file.
Download can be used as either a verb or a noun. As a verb, it refers to the process of receiving data over the Internet. Downloading is the opposite of uploading, or sending data to another system over the Internet. As a noun, download may refer to either a file that is retrieved from the Internet or the process of downloading a file. Every time you use the Internet, you download data. For example, each time you visit a webpage, your computer or mobile device must download the HTML, CSS, images, and any other relevant data in order to display the page in your web browser. When you click a Download Now link, your browser will start downloading a specific file that you can open. .